Wifi Solutions Dubai

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Wifi solutions in Dubai


Wifi solutions Dubai

wifi solutions Dubai

Four Square International offer you the best Wi-fi Solutions in Dubai and in UAE, Based on thousands of success cases on wireless network installation and service in UAE. We provide a safe and stable wireless access network. 

WiFi network is established by installing wifi  Access Point or wifi router. The wifi router or Access point is connected with the internet using physical or wired ethernet cable or fiber optic cable.It is simple and cost effective way to connect with wifi router or with other wifi devices wirelessly without the need of wires. WiFi router in the office and home helps to share single internet connection among multiple users wirelessly without the need of ethernet cables

Wifi solutions in Dubai

Advantage of WI-FI in Business Offices


With the help of WI-FI users can access the internet outside their normal work environment. Most chain coffee shops,

 They can give their customers a WiFi connection to the internet at little or no cost.


Wi-Fi connects computers, video, security devices, mobile phones and many other devices across the workplace. With the increasing saturation of laptop-style computers and mobile phones, Wi-Fi allows users to roam the business and access network resources from nearly anywhere


WiFi cost/benefit weighs wireline cabling and endpoint costs against WiFi AP and associated endpoint costs


The installation of Wi-Fi requires little more than a single access point or antenna connected via a data cable to the business router/switch. Using power over Ethernet eliminates the need for an associated power plug. Wi-FI networks can scale rapidly for growing businesses, disasters, temp work space and other business conditions without additional wiring, conduit and other issues.


In Business environment Users connected to WiFi maintain a wide range of speeds as they move from place to place with increased bandwidth and the right tools on the Internet, staff can collaborate and be engaged much more quickly

Wifi solutions Dubai
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