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FSI's various IP phone solution helps customer not only to reduce their telecom cost, but increased unified accessibility of phones such as call, chat or even access the extension from anywhere you are.

IP Pbx installation Dubai

FSI Information technologies (Four Square international) provides the best IP PBX installation Dubai with best IP Phone and PABX in Dubai. We also offer PABX installation in Dubai & PBX Service in Dubai. Internally or externally communication is required to complete a task in a business. We are the leading IP PBX supplier in Dubai. To make an effortless communication among the employees, IP Phones and PBX are required. FSI provide an effective communication possible at a low rate. Avoid errors and maladies in the process and make your business a success. FSI provide IP Phones and PABX installation in Dubai, Companies to regulate their internal communication well. It may seem very small an act, but it does solve umpteen numbers of issues by having a flawless communication device in the office.

Would you consider using an affordable IP telephony system that promotes easier communication in everyday life as well as increases productivity?

Traditional telephone system was with end to end telephone terminals. But things changed when complexity of business layers increased. People went for looking more features out of telecommunication system. Features like, multi connectivity, multiple users, call conferencing, call transferring, direct telephone number extensions, call recording facilities, voice mails boxes, auto attendance facilities etc.

When you are with four square international, you are in the right place. As a leading IP PBX phone system & service provider in UAE, we want to help companies or organizations implement a system that works properly. During this process, we analyze your current business situation and recommend an appropriate telecom system.

Our team of experts is skilled, trained, certified and capable of developing creative, efficient, and cost-effective communication networking solutions that can be implemented for every client with different features that are most appropriate for their business telecom needs. Professional engineers at our company have the capability of studying and analyzing the case of every client and can comprehend the issues with the existing system. Our team provides telecommunication solutions that take into account our clients’ specific needs after carefully examining their requirements. In order for seamless connectivity to be achieved, it is subject to multiple factors such as company infrastructures, networking circumstances, and other factors.

As we all know that communication is the important of any business activity. It may be internal communication or to your customers

We provide a wide range of IP-PBX system installation for small, medium and large companies. IP PBX solutions are not the only thing we offer; we also provide IP phone installations and services in Dubai tailored to customer needs at a very reasonable cost in Dubai, UAE.


IP PBX is an office telephone system which will be connected with Extensions for internal communication and through public service provider line to the Public Switched Telephone Network or service provider lines. PBX systems are available in various brands and different classes. IP PBX system works with network connectivity and provides communication by using the TCP/IP network. It certainly acts as a central switching system for phone calls in an emerging business. It uses your network infrastructure for connecting the phones to the central unit and uses the same network for systems and IP PBX systems. This, in turn leads to fewer expenses. Instead of using separate expensive public lines, use small pools of lines through hassle-free communication. Telecommunication is the main component of a small or medium business. The office PBX for small business ensures effective and low-cost communication. Four square international is always caters to the needs of the unique business and accordingly we provide PABX solutions, we also offer Cisco IP Phone installation in Dubai at the lowest price.