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Considering current pandemic situation, FSI helps companies with remote working solution with respect to access to office computers, Emails, servers and even telephone extension where ever the staff is working from.

Work from home IT solution provide exact similar feeling how you are sitting in your Office desk. Due to this pandemic situation majority of companies send their employees to home to avoid social distancing problems. We offer work from solution in Dubai to help companies to overcome their hurdles in Covid-19 situation. Majority of organization has challenges to enable Remote access from their tradition IT infrastructure. When we choose cheapest solution, It is very tough to balance cyber security requirements.

What does FSI offer under Remote Woring Solutions?

FSI Provides Safe, Secured, cost effective Remote IT solutions in Dubai

  • Remote VPN
  • Remote telephone with VPN
  • Softphone solution with PBX
  • Cloud PBX.
  • VDI – Virtual Desktop
  • Cisco Any connect
  • Cisco Jabber


Remote working solution or work from home solution is widely accepted by organizations because of on-going COVID-19 pandemic situation.

FSI understands that every organization works differently. There are many options for remote working solutions available, The same has to be more effective to have employees work from home who aren’t regularly sit at offices.

Eventually, some employees will benefit from time away from the office as part of a better work-life balance. Companies needs to ensure that the employee get all required access to the systems and communication facilities to contact members and clients.


FSI install and enables a secure client VPN service for their clients.


Our remote IT support can work for an organization’s remote locations as well as its remote staff. So, if your organization operates with satellite offices, we can provide effective IT support and services for these locations as well.

Our support for these offices ensures a consistent approach to IT across the entire organization, ensuring systems and processes are aligned group-wide.

We are even able to source, configure and setup new hardware (including laptops, servers and VoIP phones) for overseas offices, sending them out ready-to-use with the right software installed.

Home Working Organizations and Remote IT Support

Here’s a typical scenario of what might have happened or be going on in your organization, and why you might want to consider Tech Quarters to help you setup your home working IT network and support it going forward.